Start Every Day Happy with Six Simple Steps

Feelings of anxiety are something I’m faced with pretty much every single day of the week, I worry about anything and everything.

I find my brain ticks over at a hundred miles an hour, going through a thousand super crazy scenarios, until I literally work myself up to the brink of a panic attack! Although most of the time the things I’m worrying about are completely ridiculous, it can really hinder my productivity and occasionally even my happiness.

Like most people these days, I’m always really busy, be it commuting, working, exercising, taking dance classes, catching up with friends or whatever, it literally feels like I NEVER stop.

Whilst I love to be busy, it does mean that I rarely find the time to wind down before I go to bed at night, let alone ever. Which also means, I seldom have the time to stop and rationalise all the stresses and worries that pass through my head each day!

So with that in mind, some research and a REALLY long chat with my sister, I came up with six simple steps to take every morning to help start every day happy. Since integrating these steps into my morning routine my days have been less occupied with unnecessary stress and worry.  

So, if you’re an excessive worrier like me, this one’s for you!

How to start every day happy:

1. Rise and Shine

When your alarm goes off, what’s your first thought? My guess is that it’s that you need to get out of bed. This is always a struggle (at least it is for me and surely I can’t be the only one?).

I’d be a serial snoozer if I had my way – my warm cosy bed is far too enticing, especially in the early days of winter when we’re refusing to cave in and put the heating on …

However, I’ve done a bit of research and it turns out hitting the snooze button can do more harm than good. Who knew that those extra few minutes of sleep could actually leave you feeling worse than if you’d just woken up when you’d originally planned too. Had I finally found the cure for my constant tiredness?

YES!- I’ve been testing it out the last few months and I feel far more energised! I now jump out of bed as I hear that really generic wake-up call coming from my iPhone (I’m sure you can relate to that!)

2. Awaken your senses

Wake yourself up, re-hydrate your body and jumpstart your metabolism with a glass of lemon water.

(Tip for my fellow bed lovers:  keep it in the fridge, or out of reaching distance from your bed, so you have to get up to get it)

For you compulsive worrier, like me, you’ll be glad to hear that lemon water has a high potassium content. A lack off is often linked to anxiety and depression, so it can actually help to curb anxiousness throughout the day!

3. Shake it off!

Empower yourself by channelling your inner Taylor Swift and jumping straight into a morning workout.

You don’t have to run a marathon, in my experience a quick 20 minutes of exercise will make for an all-around better day.

If you’re stuck for what to do, Pinterest has lots of quick, easy workouts you can try (check out my Pinterest to see some of my favs). Or if you’re feeling brave, head outside for a morning jog – getting some fresh air in the morning really gets your body ready for the day!  

Exercise can help to reduce stress and helps you to start the day with a clear mind. Doesn’t that sound great?

4. Shower

Because a warm shower is the best feeling ever… Enough said!

5. Choose your food!

The most important and yummiest (just my opinion) meal of the day is breakfast – it’s essential to give your body some energy within a few hours of waking up.

Fortunately for me, I’m always hungry, so can’t wait for breakfast! However, I do make sure it’s always something light and healthy.

So whilst breakfast gives me the energy I need to start my day, it also prevents me being hangry… double win (honesty, ask my boyfriend).

If you’re looking for something quick and easy, why not check out my recipes here.

6. Power to the playlist

So, when did I first discover the power of the playlist?

Last summer, I drove home from work after spending almost the entire day in a state of stress and worry. The traffic was awful and I was ridiculously hot – even with all the windows open. So, unsurprisingly, I was in a pretty rubbish mood!

There I was, stewing in my car and dwelling on my bad mood, then Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader came on the radio. I started boogying in my car and halfway through I noticed the men in the car next to me (also with their windows down) singing along to my radio. Instantly I found myself laughing (a lot)… Bye bad mood!

Since that day I spend almost my entire commute singing, with or without random men in cars as back-up vocals…

So you know what you’ve got to do! Get together all the songs that make you happy and make yourself that playlist, or you can click here to see what I’m listening to (i’ve got a great taste in music).