Hey, welcome to my blog, jaimejeanmorton.com

I’m Jaime. I’m 24 and I live in Southampton with my boyfriend, Harry (the inspiration for feedtheharry).

Jaimejeanmorton.com is a place for me to share with you my experience of finding feet in the adult world, faking it until I make it and having some really good times along the way.

It’s a place to admit the brutally honest truths of trying to being an adult in the modern world and will include everything and anything that your typical twenty-something year old girl can relate to.

Here I’ll share with you the world through my, almost always, optimistic eyes and hopefully make you smile along the way.

Don’t be a stranger – please do get in touch with any tips, advice or questions that will help me along the way in my blogging journey. You’ll find me on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.