Health and well-being are two things that it very important to me, I eat healthily, I exercise regularly, I visit the dentist every 6 months, make frequent trip to the opticians, so when I was asked how good my hearing was I was quite embarrassed to admit that I’ve never visited an audiologist before,  so when Leightons invited me in for a FREE hearing assessment and to join them in their campaign to spread awareness of audiological health I jumped at the chance.

For those of you who don’t know Leightons provide premium opticians and hearing care to anyone and everyone and strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction through an individual approach to every customer.

If I’m completely honest, I had absolutely no idea about how our ears work, what causes hearing loss or even what a hearing assessment entailed but thanks to the wonderful team at Southampton I’m a little bit wiser. I won’t share the details with you because the team at Leightons will do this for you for FREE, but I will share with you a little about my experience.

I visited the team in Southampton for my first ever hearing assessment. I sat down with the audiologist and discussed how I felt my hearing was and problems I had experience with my ears/hearing in the past. We then discussed ways in which hearing loss can impact your quality of life but more importantly the ways in which Leightons could help me should I have hearing loss on any level.

I was then given a pair of headphones to put on and was told to hit a button every time I heard a noise. The audiologist then explained pitches I could hear and those I couldn’t and explained that it was nothing to be concerned about and that it’s quite normal to not hear all the different pitches, especially higher ones.

The audiologist then explained that my hearing is very good and my eardrums were healthy minus a little bit of scarring from an ear infection I had a child and encouraged me to keep up with regularly visits as the quicker hearing problems are detected the better they are able to help.

In light of this, I urge you to pop to your local Leightons and get your FREE ear test – its 15 minutes of your day that could impact the rest of your life.

Thank you to Leightons for my FREE hearing test and asking me to be involved in your campaign.

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