Self-Development #1 – What is Self-Development?

Self-development and personal growth are probably amongst those phrases that you’ve heard so many times that you can’t help but roll your eyes every time you see, read or hear them. It seems as though everybody is talking about the ways they can improve themselves mentally, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Self-development is all the rage at the moment, but that said, so it bloody should be! I’m so excited to see that so many people are taking time out of their busy schedules to seek out ways to live their best lives by being the best them.

So, what is self-development?

Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory, it’s a general term used for any step that we take towards becoming the best versions of ourselves. Or if we wanted to keep things really simple and ask Google, then it’s the process by which a person’s character or abilities are gradually developed. But of course, self-development is not simple and it definitely isn’t something that you can learn over-night, it’s more of a continual learning, a habit. It’s a never-ending practice that allows us to take responsibility for our own personal development and to understand the way to succeed in all aspects of life.

Another thing you should know about self-development is that it’s not reserved for those of us who are feeling a little bit lost in this world, actually it’s not about finding yourself at all, it’s about becoming more aware of who you already are and making sure that you’re being the best version of that you! I like to think of it as a star turning into a shooting-star.


Self-development leads to a more positive outlook on life by encouraging you to find the positives in all aspects of life (even the bits that aren’t so exciting). And it reminds us to promote this happiness and positivity not just within ourselves but within those around us.

It helps us to understand ourselves, our own individual strengths and weakness and the ways in which we can act upon these weakness to improve ourselves, and teaches us to accept ourselves without comparison to others and to be proud of the people you are.


Through growth we learn to be the best that we can be in everything we do and to give everything you do your absolute all, and to do so with not only with the goal to succeed but so that if you do fail you can remain positive in knowing that you tried.

It teaches us that mistakes are essential to a person’s development and that mistakes are a learning opportunity and with this understanding to recognise and forgive the mistakes of others.


Personal growth teaches us to communicate well with others, to be giving, compassionate, kind and loving, yet humble, reminding us that we get out from life what we put into it.

Self-development is about internal change, not external change, and increasing your value to others, lots of people focus on changing others when actually it seldom works as well as changing yourself.


Self-development is about embracing change and new opportunities and knowing that change should not be feared and should always be viewed with excitement.

It reminds us to be true and honest in everything we do and to always do the right thing even when no one is watching.


It reminds us to accept the things that we cannot change and to act on the things that we can – and more importantly to not let circumstance define you.

Through self-development we learn to seek balance in all areas of life, considering family, relationships, career, business, health, leisure and spirituality.

Self-development it about being current and appreciating each moment, especially the simple things in life. In practicing it, we learn to be thankful and grateful, and to explore life until we find the things that excite and motivate us to not only succeed, but to be happy.

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