Welcome to my blog, for those of you who have been here before you’ll notice some changes in the theme of the blog and for those of you who haven’t then let me tell you 10 things about me…

  1. I love animals.

I kid you not, put an animal of any shape, size or colour in my eye line and the rest of the world may as well not exist – step aside humans, I’ve got some petting to do.

  1. My favourite movie is Notting Hill.

I’ve watched this movie almost every single week for the past five years. If it didn’t exist then I’d be… uh, well buggered basically.

  1. I like to pretend that I’m as cool as a cucumber.

It’s true, I will do everything I possibly can to convince the world that I’m always super calm and happy, but most of the time I’m completely overwhelmed with anxiousness.

  1. I’m always singing.

I love to sing. I sing in the car, in the shower, even when I’m out running, which wouldn’t be a problem if I ever hit a single note.

  1. My favourite food is pizza.

Any pizza, any topping (as long as it’s vegetarian). I just love pizza.

  1. I’ve just moved house for the first time in my life.

I’ve just bought my first home, but until now, other than for university, I’ve lived in the exact same house since the day I was born. That said, when you’ve got both the beach and the forest on you doorstep (not literally) what reason is there to move?

  1. If I could, I’d live in flip flips.

From the day temperatures reach 10 degrees to the day they drop back under I’m wearing my flip flops. I finish a race, my trainers are off and my flip-flops are on. They are by far the comfiest shoes and when they look good with almost every single outfit, why would I not wear them?

  1. Chocolate is my kryptonite.

I’m obsessed with eating healthily and I do it really well most of the time, but I cannot resist chocolate. Give me a family bar of dairy milk and watch it disappear, just like magic!

  1. I say I’m into fitness, but all I do is run.

I have a keen interest in health and fitness, but if I’m completely honest all I really do it run! And its fine and I feel great after a run, but I really should try and vary my exercise regime.

  1. I am a rubbish blogger.

I love to blog, and I love the blogging community, but I really struggle to fit blogging into my busy schedule. So, this does mean my posts are sporadic and far and few between.


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