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Welcome to The Happiness Journal and welcome to Louise from Louloulouisey Lifestyle.

Hi Louise, please can you introduce yourself?

Hi I am Louise, or Louloulouisey Lifestyle, as you can tell from the name my blog is a lifestyle blog. It includes all my loves, shopping, my dog, travel, recipes & restaurants, cocktails, beauty and interior décor.

What makes you smile?

I am always smiling, life is too short to be miserable, what makes me smile the most is my dog, Finleyfoo.

When are you at your happiest?

With my mum and Finleyfoo, my happiest has to be switched off from work, with my dog and mum in a nice cottage, being in the fresh air, no time table, and blue skies and the beach! Bliss!

How do you feel when you see blue skies?

I love blue skies, makes my heart soar, and I always look up and admire the shades of blue, and the light fluffy heat clouds, and see a plane flying to somewhere exotic!

Tell me about a time you really belly laughed?

At my mum! She does or comes out with the most hilarious things! We will not discuss the keys being lost in the bin in the town centre situ! The other week, she had picked me up in the car, we were just about to turn into my road, there was a blind gentleman and his guide dog, and they both stopped and waited as the dog is trained to do! What did my mum do…… she waved to say thank you! The reason I wet myself laughing is I said mum “you do know that man is blind” and she said “well yes, but the dog will know I said thank you” oh dear! lol.

If you were an animal, what animal would you be, and why?

I would love to be a wolf! They fascinate me, my Grandad really loved them and dogs and when I was little I used to watch programs on them, they are powerful, they explore, they are so clever and resourceful, they can be affectionate with their partner and they have a pack. A travelling family really!

I was going to say a great white shark, as I have been in awe of them since I was a teenager, but not going to lie still poo myself a little when I go in the sea!

What gets you up in the morning?

My dog Finleyfoo, as soon as I see him wagging his tail and I get lots of kisses and cuddles, and he gets his belly rubs! Best start to the day!

What’s your feel good song or movie? I

have so many! Three films I will always watch again and again are Lost Boys, The Holiday & Elf. For Music, I am music mad and listen to it every day so could never just name one song! I love HiFI – weekend that’s a great Friday song! Loving at the moment Justin Timberlake – Say something & Bruno Mars Finesse remix, and anything that makes me move ! Oh and of course I am a huge Kylie Minogue fan!

Do you have something you really treasure?

Photos of my dad, my Nan’s engagement ring and my diamond earrings & gold Chinese symbol necklace from my Godmother and of course Finleyfoo.

What’s your favourite childhood memory?

I have so many! I guess one that will live on is, One Christmas I was about 8 or 9 and had been given a small red torch! Now every Christmas, my Nan would come and stay and she would share my room, she had her own camp bed, which would be cross width ways of my bedroom, down from my bed, I need to set the scene here…. so I have been given this torch and hello I can only use it in the dark! Well, my Nan is asleep as I can hear her gently snoring! So I think this is my moment, I can test it, as it’s so lovely and dark, so I sit up on my bed and start shining this torch around my room, loving the red light it emits! Then all of a sudden I hear this mumbling! I listen closer and I can hear my Nan, she is praying! So I say “Nan what are you doing” whereby she screams, as I shine the light on her face, with which she says “ I see this red light and I thought the angels were coming for me so I was saying my prayers” then she followed up with “but it was you, you wee bugger” ( she was Scottish) well I couldn’t stop laughing which then woke my mum and dad up and once they heard what happened we were all wetting ourselves laughing in the middle of the night in my bedroom!! Oops!

Tell me about a person who means a lot to you?

My Mum, she is my best friend, big sister, adventure buddy and helps me with my blog! Love her to bits!

What is that one special thing, event or experience that makes you happy when you think about it?

Holidays as a kid, in Portugal, I loved being with my Mum and Dad, but making new friends, being in the sun, swimming all day, except when my dad made me get out of the sun for 2 hours and eat (I would have just swam underwater all day long) I could have a cold glass of coke, could dance and be free.

What has been the happiest moment of your life to date?

This is tough as I have so many could not just pin point one, probably when I worked and lived in Spain, I was doing a job I utterly loved, my best friend joined me, I had a very close circle of friends and we are all still friends now 17 years on! Wow 17 years! I was young and free and everything had come right, I remember sitting with friends watching the sun coming up and wanting to pinch myself as this was my life and I loved it!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I love love watching Towie, Chelsea, Rylan’s show haunted & seriously addicted and pine for it when it is over is Love Island!

What does happiness mean to you?

Being complete and totally in that moment, just feeling such joy, smiling inside and out!

Show me a photo that makes you smile.

Tell me about a time that someone did something for you that really made you smile.

Last year I had a special birthday and we flew first class with virgin, well the crew who were all so lovely were told and they came out and sang to me with a little birthday cake, and then a stewardess brought me down a handmade hamper, I was in tears and then I had her in tears as it was so lovely and thoughtful! then when I got off the plane other traveler’s had heard and were walking passed wishing me happy birthday! How nice is that!

What’s your favourite quote about happiness?

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Dr Seuss

Lastly, if you had to give any advice to someone about achieving happiness, what would it be?

Stop worrying about what other people think, life is far too short, so just embrace your now, smile, put on some music, dance and sing!

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