Beauty Queen, Drama Queen, Trap Queen, Nap Queen? 10 signs that you’re nap royalty.

Are you ready for the best news you’ve ever heard? Napping is good for you.

I’m serious. Naps are actually good for lots of reasons, which I could tell you about, but hey, I’m no scientist, I think I’ll leave that one to Google. OR if you’re like me, then the reasons why naps are good for you are pretty irrelevant, you just love to nap. You are a self-confirmed nap queen and this is how you know…

10 signs that you’re nap royalty.

  • FOMO, no no.

You’re so over FOMO. Like what in this world could be better than the nap you could be having, nothing surely?

  • What on earth is a ‘good hair day’?

Getting up 15 minutes earlier to make sure your hair looks good just isn’t an option when you could enjoy 15 minutes more sleep. Batiste, is your absolute lifesaver and you’ve got the perfect messy bun down to a tee.

  • A movie ending, what’s one of those?

Who watches movies to the end anyway? You’re that person that people have to ask at frequent intervals throughout a movie ‘are you still awake?’, which to be fair you rarely are, surely they can hear that subtle snore?

  • Sorry, I was napping.

This phrase is oh so familiar. Literally every single message you send contains the words ‘sorry I was asleep’. But of course your friends aren’t surprised to receive this text, you’re a nap queen after all.

  • You schedule naps into your plans.

Firstly, what’s time better spent than time spent napping? Secondly, how does anyone expect you to function when you’ve only had 8 hours sleep? Hats off to the people who party till 3am, but unless you’ve had a nap long enough to make up for the sleep you’re missing then you’re 100% a no show.

  1. Naps first.

So, on the odd occasion you do go out and socialise, you have to take a nap first. Going out on a Friday after a long day at work, you’ve got to be kidding, right?

  1. Your biggest talent is your ability to nap.

Your biggest talent? Easy. Sleeping for 24 hours straight of course. You can sleep anywhere at anytime and your damn proud of it. I mean, let’s get real, napping should be some kind of olympic sport.

  1. You understand jealousy differently to most people.

Jealousy – that’s that’s looking at your pet and wishing you could sleep as much as them, isn’t it?

  1. A nap is a reward.

Any little thing you do that needs rewarding is rewarded with a nap. An A on a test? That deserves a nap. Ate an entire pizza? Nap. And god forbid you ever manage to fit a workout into your day? Well that definitely deserves a nap.

  1. Your biggest worry each day is that you might not get enough sleep.

Whilst most people are busy worrying about work, you’re way too occupied by worrying if you’re going to get enough sleep tonight. If 8 hours is average then surely you should strive to beat that, hello 12 hours sleep.

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