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The December Dame

Welcome to The Happiness Journal and welcome to Diana from The December Dame.

Hey Diana, let’s start with an introduction.

My name is Diana from The December Dame. I am mainly blogging about fashion and beauty, but I do tend to overshare at times and go down a more ‘lifestyle’ route.

What food makes you smile?

It has to be cheese puffs! They just reminds me sooo much of some really happy memories with my friends!

When are you at your happiest?

When me and my boyfriend lay on the couch, all snuggled up and watch a movie together.

How do you feel when you see blue skies?

They make me feel calm, especially when there is not one cloud in the sky, it just looks amazing!

Tell me about a time you really belly laughed?

I honestly laugh so hard quite often at the office. My colleagues are the most amazing bunch of people and it is almost everyday that I laugh in that omg-i-just-got-my-workouts-for-the-year kind of laugh. I laughed to tears last week, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was at!

If you were an animal, what animal would you be, and why?

I want to be a domestic cat. Someone brings me food, cleans after me, and I decide whether I want to play or not. Purrfect.

What gets you up in the morning?

Literally speaking, my alarm lol But the thought of being another day closer to becoming the best possible me I can is a close second!

What’s your feel good song or movie?

If I must choose only one feel good song, it would be Sully Erna’s Turn It Up. I went to a concert of his a few months back and it was amazing!

For a movie – Beauty and the beast, both the animated version and the acted out version. It used to be my favourite Disney movie when I was little and have watched it so many times on VHS!

Do you have something you really treasure? Tell me about it.

Honestly, I have started treasuring myself the most. I have started denying going outs, when I don’t feel like it and I have started telling people how and when they make me feel uncomfortable. Put yourself first, girl!

What’s your favourite childhood memory?

I recall being with my friends and climbing trees and making ‘homes’ in bushes lol Such happy times!

Tell me about a person who means a lot to you?

I have honestly started writing about 3 different people and was like ‘but I can’t tell about her or him’, so I will just tell you that everyone that is close to me is an absolutely amazing human being and I am so honored to have them in my life!

What is that one special thing, event or experience that makes you happy when you think about it?

When I would wake up and drink coffee right in front of the Basilica in Florence. It has been such a dream of mine to go in Italy and it finally happened last year! More cities to come, hopefully!

What has been the happiest moment of your life to date?

I don’t really like claiming moments as my ‘happiest’. But the most recent moment that falls into the ‘moments I will forever cherish and be happy to reminisce’ category would be last week when my parents came to visit me for the first time ever!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Oh, crisps, especially salted Lay’s. Dear me, can I eat those with hummus every single day of my life. And youtube, oops

Do you have a happy place? Where is it and why?

Whenever I am snuggled with the boyfriend, honestly. Never thought I would be THAT type of person but there is just no better feeling.

What does happiness mean to you?

It means being in content with who you are, with what you do and with whom you are with.

Show me a photo that makes you smile.

That’s one of me and my boyfriend in Bologna!

Tell me about a time that someone did something for you that really made you smile.

A few days ago when a colleague offered to give me some insight on some things that are yet to happen!

What’s your favourite quote about happiness?

Happiness is not a destination, happiness is the journey.

Lastly, if you had to give any advice to someone about achieving happiness, what would it be?

Always remember that nothing will make you happy if you don’t let happiness within you. Whenever you are feeling down, just remember to look up to the sky and think about what an amazing journey living is.

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