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    Harriet Devlin

    Welcome to The Happiness Journal. I’ve known Harriet forever, literally so long that I don’t even remember not knowing her. We’ve shared all the ups and downs that come with growing up and had so many laughs along the way. Here is what she’s told me about happiness. Hey Harriet, introduce yourself. So I read the first question and all I had in my head was Bring It On! ‘Introduce yourself, no way, introduce yourself, ok’ My names Harriet, I’m 23 and I work in sales on a holiday park on the beautiful Isle of Wight! What food makes you smile? Food that makes me smile definitely has to be a…

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    Jacqui Spinks

    Welcome to The Happiness Journal. This post is from Jacqui. I’ve known Jacqui ever since I was very young and we’ve shared so many happy memories together, so I cannot wait to share with you a few things she’s told me about happiness. Right here we go… Hey Jacqui, why don’t you start by introducing yourself? My name is Jacqui and I am 47 and I am a florist, have been for 32 years. What food makes you smile? The food which makes me smile is cheese, I don’t like chocolate so this is definitely my craving! Don’t mind which type, just cheese. When are you at your happiest? I feel…

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    Welcome to The Happiness Journal. I’ve recently got to know Louise from Louloulouisey Lifestyle through the blogging community and she’s really lovely and supportive of other bloggers, so I am really excited to share a few things she’s told me about happiness with you. Hi Louise, please can you introduce yourself? Hi I am Louise, or Louloulouisey Lifestyle, as you can tell from the name my blog is a lifestyle blog. It includes all my loves, shopping, my dog, travel, recipes & restaurants, cocktails, beauty and interior décor. What makes you smile? I am always smiling, life is too short to be miserable, what makes me smile the most is my…

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    Lydia’s Lifestyle

    Welcome to (if it’s your first time) or back to The Happiness Journal. I’ve recently got to know the lovely Lydia from Lydia’s Lifestyle through the blogging community and she’s super kind and supportive, so I am super excited to share a few things she’s told me about happiness with you. Here it goes! Hey Lydia, why don’t you start by introducing yourself? My name is Lydia and I’m a college student from Chicago, IL (USA)! I have a lifestyle and travel blog called http://lydiagierlifestyle.com and I am incredibly thankful to be a part of the blogging community. Where is your happy place? And why? Coffeeshops are my favourite happy places. When I…

  • The Happiness Journal

    The Happiness Journal

    Hey everyone! I’m super excited to share with you my new blog series The Happiness Journal! Quick note: I’d like to say a massive thank you to the lovely Whitney Loren for helping me come up with the name for the series, girl you rock! The Happiness Journal is a place for anyone and everyone to share their happiness with others. I’ve already started working with some super fab people and I can’t wait to share their story with you all. If anyone is interested in featuring then please comment below, tweet me (@jaimejeanmorton) or you can email me at jaimejeanmorton@gmail.com.  Choose Happy.

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    Beauty Queen, Drama Queen, Trap Queen, Nap Queen? 10 signs that you’re nap royalty.

    Are you ready for the best news you’ve ever heard? Napping is 100% good for you. I’m serious. Naps are actually good for lots of reasons, which I could tell you about, but hey, I’m no scientist, I think I’ll leave that one for google. OR if you’re like me, then the reasons why naps are good for you are pretty irrelevant, you just love to nap. You are a self-confirmed nap queen and this is how you know… 10 signs that you’re nap royalty. FOMO, no no. You’re so over FOMO. Like what in this world could be better than the nap you could be having, nothing surely? What…

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    Vegan Olive Scones

    When I was about eight years old my Grandparents decided to sell up in the UK and opt for a sunnier life in the South of Spain. I don’t really remember how I felt about this at the time but all feelings were soon a distant memory when regular trips to visit became a staple part of my every year. I know what you’re probably thinking, ‘good for you Jaime, but what has this got to do with scones?’. Well amid the excessive tanning (it’s true, I am a self certified sun worshipper), the outrageous tapas consumption and the reading of as many books as possible, I became completely obsessed with…

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    23 Things I’ve Learnt in my 23 Years of Being a Sister

    The 7th week of the calendar year has always been one of my favourites. And that’s because it’s the week of my brother’s and my sister’s birthday and between the last minute present buying, eating my body weight in food and consuming copious amounts of alcohol, I’ve had a little bit of time to reflected.  23 things I’ve learnt in my 23 years of being a sister… How to love unconditionally. That patience is a virtue. How to be empathetic. Sharing is caring. Family time really is the best time. Copying is actually a form of flattery. How to be a team player. That I can love and hate someone at…

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    4 ways to make a twenty-something year old girl smile this Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s day is a little bit like marmite, you either LOVE it or you HATE it, but whichever side you take you love your valentine (or galentine), right? And you want to make them happy? No worries, I’ve got your back. Here are some of my favourite things you can do this valentine’s day that will guarantee a smile on the face of any twenty-something year old girl: 1.Buy her a funny card I’ll admit, it’s not for everyone, some girls live for a soppy valentine’s day card, so if you’re valentines is one of those girls then you should probably ignore my advice. If not, then a funny card…

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    Tropic Skincare Product Review

    After completing my teenage years without a single breakout and skin as fresh as a babies bottom, I headed into my adult years pretty clueless about skincare products. Seriously girls, I didn’t even moisturise. Sod’s law at the ripe old age of 23 (haha) I had a massive breakout. Panic kicked in and I was literally covering my face in toothpaste/tea-tree/any cruelty-free skincare product that google suggested in attempt to restore my skin to it’s previous state. Well as it goes, nothing seems to work and I was still waking up every day to discover another addition to my face, questioning why my body was doing this to me, and feeling…